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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How would you describe the academic program at Page?
A: Our academic program is based on inquiry, STEM, and the arts.
  • Inquiry-Based – Through exposure to important and relevant content anchored in academic standards, students develop and explore questions that lead them to solve real-world problems.
  • Project-Based – Students create projects or products that represent their understanding of challenging content and provide solutions to relevant, real-world problems.
  • Integration across the academic disciplines – Students study challenging, real-world problems through integration of two or more content disciplines.
  • Using STEM and the arts to deliver challenging curriculum – The arts provide a unique window for students to gain content knowledge, solve problems through the creative design process and build critical skills.
Through the use of simulated global challenges, students will utilize the engineering design process, scientific inquiry, and mathematic skills (STEM skills) to solve problems.

Q: What kind of electives do you offer?
A: We offer electives that support the mission statement of our school. Electives meet on alternate days. Some examples include: PE/health, orchestra, band, art, Spanish, Arabic, and team sports.

Q: How will you challenge and support my child academically?
A: We use standards-based grading. This means that every assignment grade for a student is directly tied to the student’s mastery of a state standard. Teachers use this information to differentiate the amount of support and extension for each student. We also offer support classes and acceleration classes that are based on students’ past assessment history. For further information on Standards-Based Grading (SBG), please see the JPS SBG Info Sheet

Q: How will you support my child socially and emotionally during middle school?
A: Justice Page Middle School is committed to addressing the needs of the whole child. We structure our school day to include a daily 25-minute advisory period (called Crew) with an adult who serves as the child’s primary advocate. Our advisory program helps meet students’ social and emotional needs, builds community, and teaches academic and social skills necessary to be successful in school.

Q: What kinds of support do you have for English Language Learners?
A: We have an ELL program as well as Somali and Spanish Bilingual Program Aids.

Q: What kinds of after school opportunities do you have?
A: Athletics and clubs are extension of Justice Page’s strong educational program. We have after school athletics, Extended Learning Courses, and Minneapolis Kids (6th grade only).