Rita Farah
Arabic Teacher

My name is Rita Farah and I am from Lebanon. I have been here in the United States for 13 years. I am married to a wonderful husband and we have two handsome boys, Farah 12 and Oliver 8. I have been in the district for 8 years teaching the Arabic language. I started at Lyndale Community School in January 2011 and this is my 5th year here at Justice Page Middle School teaching my middle school students.

My passion to teach and become an effective teacher was one of the impetuses that lead me to enter the school of education.  I truly believe how sacred my mission is to be an Arabic teacher and  to introduce my culture, the Arabic culture, to my students and help them understand and respect other peoples’ cultures and languages. I totally agree with the picture that compares the teacher's life to a candle that lit others' routes and in that spirit, I will always be the lit candle that will shine my students' ways, throw the door wide open for them, and make enormous positive differences in their lives.  I also believe in the importance of team-work among teachers and how imperative it is to learn from one another and help one another. Teaching students from the heart will not only gain respect, but a true happiness and inner peace.

Rita Farah | rita.farah@mpls.k12.mn.us
Teacher, Arabic
Justice Page Middle School | Minneapolis Public Schools

document Arabic A- Project   --  See attached file and be creative in creating your own project on your iPad. look for photos or take your own photos and use the Arabic language.
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