FAST Assessments
Wednesday, November 21, 2018 9:20 AM

As part of our progress monitoring in math and reading, MPS administers the FAST test 3 times per year. This tool is used to measure growth in mathematics and reading during the school year.

We have received the preliminary scores for FAST testing this fall. These reports are available upon request. Our intention is to send home the FAST reports prior to winter conferences, so that families can see growth from fall to winter. If you’d prefer to receive your student’s fall FAST report now, please contact Assistant Principal Angie Ness at

Prior to any exam it is important to remind students to have a growth mindset and try their best. Get plenty of sleep, drink water, eat breakfast, go slow, be patient. The assessment is designed to provide more challenging questions as they progress. We use information from FAST results to inform our instructional strategies and build professional development.

Try your best to avoid absences and appointments on these assessment days:
8th grade ELA: December 10
7th grade ELA: December 11
6th grade ELA: December 12
8th grade math: December 13
7th grade math: December 14
6th grade math: December 17

Testing will take place during ELA and math classes. Chromebooks will be used in classrooms. Small groups and makeup testing will take place in computer labs.