FAST Assessments
Wednesday, November 27, 2019 7:40 AM

As part of our progress monitoring in math and reading, MPS administers the FAST test 3 times per year. In December, your student will take the FAST reading and math assessments for a second time this school year. These assessments are quick snapshots of where your student’s reading and math skills are at that point in time. We use these assessments to reflect on instruction for our whole class as well as to determine which students may need additional support.

These assessments are not used in isolation to make decisions about students. We use these assessments as a screener and pull in additional information about students to ensure that we are best meeting their needs. A screening assessment is similar to when a doctor takes a patient’s temperature first and if it is elevated, then the doctor gathers specific follow-up information and may run additional tests or checks.

Try your best to avoid absences and appointments on these assessment days:
8th grade ELA: December 9
7th grade ELA: December 10
6th grade ELA: December 11
8th grade math: December 13
7th grade math: December 16
6th grade math: December 17