FAST Assessments in December
Wednesday, December 13, 2017 10:40 AM

The winter session of FAST aReading assessment begins this week. Students are allowed to use their own headphones or earbuds for this computer based assessment. On the following dates students will take the aReading assessment during their ELA classes:

December 13: 7th grade
December 14: 6th grade
December 15: 6 & 7th grade make-ups
December 20: 8th grade

Overview of FAST
FAST stands for Formative Assessment System for Teachers. FAST assessments help us determine your child’s achievement level and allow us to measure academic growth in the areas of reading and math. The aReading and aMath assessments are given on a computer, each take about 10-30 minutes, and the assessments get harder or easier based on how your child responds.

The FAST reading assessment is called aReading and provides one overall score of your child’s reading ability. Your child’s score on aReading is one way of finding how your child reads words and understands the meaning of what is read in each of the following areas (depending on grade level and performance): concepts of print, phonological awareness, phonics, orthography and morphology, vocabulary, and comprehension.