Give to the Max Day
Wednesday, November 13, 2019 6:00 AM

Give to the Max is tomorrow, November 14!

Give to the Max is our school's biggest fundraiser of the year, and we are counting on all families to help by giving what they can. With your generous support, we'll be able to give Justice Page students a better learning experience. Visit our donation site to give now, or give anytime on November 14 to increase our chances of winning a Golden Ticket. Please share our donation site with family, friends, and neighbors too!

What’s a Golden Ticket?

On November 14, will randomly select 120 donations throughout the day and award extra money to that donor’s selected organization. Every 15 minutes, will award a $500 Golden Ticket, and every hour will award a $1,000 Golden Ticket. That means that even a small donation can earn big money for JPS! If you’d like a bit of strategy, make your donation in the wee hours of the morning, or split your donation into multiple donations throughout the day to increase our chances of winning a Golden Ticket. There will also be one $10,000 Super-Sized Golden Ticket that will be drawn from all donations between November 1 and November 14.

How will the money be used?

  1. We are raising money to help purchase a large format printer. This printer will help teachers create visual learning displays for their classrooms and will be accessible for groups that need to promote causes throughout the year (like Rhino Pride) or teams that will be in competitions (like Future City). $3,000 Goal
  2. We are raising money to help fund important school needs. There are much needed classroom items that aren’t funded by the district, like calculators, dissection supplies, art supplies, and reading materials. We also help fund the needs of our social workers who assist our highly mobile and homeless families. $3,000 Goal

Total Goal for 2019: $6,000

Why is there a processing fee?

GiveMN does not charge organizations any upfront subscription costs to use its fundraising platform, but there is a processing fee on donations to cover the costs associated with credit card processing, the technology platform, and the effort to promote and sustain Give to the Max Day.

If you choose to donate an additional amount to cover the processing fee, 100% of your original  amount will go directly to Justice Page Middle School PTA. A 6.9% processing fee will be added to your total. Your entire contribution is tax deductible and will be reflected in your email receipt. If you do not choose to cover the fee, the 6.9% processing fee will be deducted from your donation before it is disbursed to Justice Page Middle School PTA.

You are welcome to write a check directly to Justice Page Middle School PTA in lieu of paying the processing fee. We think it’s worth it on Give to the Max Day to use the online platform to potentially earn bonus money from Golden Tickets. If you choose to write a check, please make it out to Justice Page Middle School PTA with GTTM in the memo. Checks can be dropped off in the main office.

You can read more about Give to the Max on our FAQ page, or visit our donation site now to get started. Email the PTA at with other questions.