Kate Gordhamer

Hello! My name is Kate Gordhamer.  I am the choir director and world music teacher at Justice Page Middle School. I strongly believe in the importance of music education and have been working with students to help further their love of music for over a decade. My experience includes teaching overseas in Kochi, Japan as well as many years spent as an instructor with MacPhail Center for Music. My passion for sound started early, when I developed a habit my mother lovingly referred to as "a magnetic attraction to pianos." While piano is still my favorite instrument, I've since expanded my interests to include drumming, guitar, viola, xylophone, and a whole lot of singing.

I graduated from MSU Mankato with a bachelor's degree in Music Education and attained my Level 1 Certification in Orff Schulwerk from the University of St. Thomas. I completed my Master's in Music with a focus in Music Education form Kent State University in the summer of 2017.  I love the expansive choral scene here in Minneapolis and have been lucky to sing with the likes of VocalEssence, Prairie Fire Lady Choir, and an awesome little bluegrass group called the Hayseed Cree.

I live in Minneapolis with my husband, daughter, and our two rambunctious cats. When I'm not busy lesson planning or creating some kind of racket, you can find me hiking, knitting, or making homemade pickles.

Kate Gordhamer | kathryn.gordhamer@mpls.k12.mn.us
Teacher, Choir and World Music
Justice Page Middle School | Minneapolis Public Schools