Human Body Project

Project Report "Model"
If you are struggling to start the report, take a look at this "model."
  1. Read Description
  2. Write in key dates to planner, maybe even putting when you should finish the model, the part about its system, the report about all systems.
  3. After, think about:
    1. What part of the body would I like to know more about?  
    2. What ideas do I have to make a body part?
    3. What will be the hardest part of this project?
    4. What will be the easiest?
  4. Set up an outline to help you take notes (see me if you need help)
  5. Take notes into outline (before you start writing the rough draft)
  6. Type up rough draft
  7. Read and have someone else read through it to make sure you have hit key parts of the rubric and that the information is accurate
  8. Submit Final to Google Classroom "LT21: HUMAN BODY PROJECT"