Justice Alan Page

Justice Page Middle School was named after the honorable Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page in honor of his dedication to public service, justice, and the students of Minnesota. Justice Page was the first African American on Minnesota’s Supreme Court, and was also a legendary sports hero after playing with the Minnesota Vikings from 1967 to 1978.

Justice Page’s greatest contribution, however, may be the Page Education Foundation. Founded by Justice Page and his wife, Diane, the Page Foundation has provided more than $12 million in scholarships to more than 6,000 students since 1988, and continues to be a fixture in Minneapolis Public Schools.

Throughout his career on the bench, Justice Page was known for his humility and level-headed decision-making. He retired at the age of 70 and now writes children’s books and works for educational causes.

Justice Page Middle School is honored to carry his name.

With an education, the future is yours.
~ The Honorable Justice Alan Page