Anne Leo
Anne Leo

My name is Anne Leo and I am the Licensed School Nurse at Justice Page Middle School. I have my Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Iowa. I have enjoyed using my Nursing Education in a variety of settings across the country from Adult Intensive Care to Burn Trauma. I love the unique opportunity of School Nursing to help students develop healthy lifestyles that will make them better learners. I feel strongly that when a student's physical needs are met, they are more likely to meet their educational goals.

When I am not encouraging students to wash their hands and drink water, I enjoy swimming, biking, running and camping. I might also be found canoeing on a local lake with my husband and two kids, Luke (10) and Grace(7), or collecting eggs from our backyard chickens.

Please feel free to contact me with any health concerns you may have for your student.

Anne Leo |
School Nurse
Justice Page Middle School | Minneapolis Public Schools