Learning Targets/ Power Standards for Visual Art and Mural Classes

"ART ELECTIVE" Mural Arts and Identity

Creating Community Standards

  • LT1: I can work collaboratively with peers.
  • LT2: I can name and describe the multiple stakeholders involved in a community mural project.
  • LT3: I can describe the impact of a mural on a community.
  • LT4: I examine my own identity as well as a collective identity.

Design, Painting, and Production Standards

  • LT5: I can demonstrate multiple painting techniques.
  • LT6: I can help create a design that considers input and feedback from others.
  • LT7: I can develop an artist statement.
  • LT8: I can understand how murals connect to history.
  • LT9: I can plan, help and attend the mural unveiling ceremony and other mural events.
  • LT10: I can contribute to a specialty job.
Visual Arts Power Standards

Unit 1:  Drawing

LT1 I can use lines to create different types of expressive drawing.

Project: Contour Line Drawing

LT2 I can compare different types of drawing media.

Project: Three Media Drawings

L3 I can create a drawing from observation creating the illusion of three dimensions.

Project: Still Life Drawing

Unit 2:  Clay (in partnership with Northern Clay Center)

LT4 I can construct three-dimensional artwork.

Project: Clay Bowls

LT5 I can create artwork that connects to a larger social idea with the use of words

Project: Bas Relief Clay with spaghetti letters

Unit 3:  Painting

LT6 I can create a value painting with a complementary color accent.

Project: Acrylic Value painting

LT7 I can compare the qualities of different types of paints.

Project: Venn Diagram comparing glaze, vs acrylic

Unit 4: Digital Media

LT8 I can identify visual focal points in a variety of artworks.

Project: Visual Thinking Strategies

LT9 I can demonstrate an understanding of the context and contributions made by indigenous Minnesotan artists.

Project: Missy Whiteman Residency


LT10 I can critique with my peers.

LT11 I can use art-specific vocabulary to describe artwork.

CORNERSTONE GRADE- Students self-assessing their work to uphold the four JPS “Cornerstones” in the Art Room; Help Each Other Succeed, See the Problem Own the Problem, Honor the Absent and Communicate You Matter.