Page Students Advance to State History Day Competition
Wednesday, March 27, 2019 7:20 AM

Congratulations to the following 7th grade students for their fantastic performances at the Regional History Day competition. We had many students presenting projects at Regionals, and 16 of those projects either made honorable mention or qualified for state! 

State Qualifiers:

  • Rose Z — individual documentary “The Battle of the Sexes, The Match That Changed The Game”
  • Montserrat L — individual documentary “The Triumph and Tragedy of Live Aid”
  • Amelia A & Isabella I — group documentary “Coming Out Solo”
  • Anna G-P & Renna S — group documentary “Wiesenfeld v. Weinberger Court Case”
  • Mabel K & Poppy W — group website “The Orphan Train Movement: Riding the Trail to a New Life”
  • Lola E — individual exhibit “The Dred Scott Case: One Man’s Fight for Freedom”
  • Anna M — individual exhibit “The White Rose: A Triumphant Resistance Story”
  • Chiara B — individual exhibit “The Opening of the Cotton Club”
  • Abby J — individual exhibit “The Development of Early Antibiotics”
  • Pearl M, Abigail S, Astrid M, & Naomi M — group exhibit “Katherine Johnson’s Impact on NASA”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Lillie H — individual documentary “The Creation of the National Park Service”
  • Dylan E — individual documentary “The Battle of Stalingrad”
  • Annika L & Sadie F — group documentary “10 Days in a Madhouse”
  • Milla D, Margaret K, & Maren F — group documentary “The Willmar 8”
  • Jama A — individual website “The Somali Civil War”
  • Nirvana K & Caroline A — group website “Kent State Massacre”

If you are interested in seeing any of the students perform at State History Day, it will be held on Saturday, May 4 at the University of Minnesota.