Physical Activity Log

Physical Activity Log

Justice Page Middle School

 Students Name:__________________________    Grade: _____    Hour:_____     Day:  A  or   B

 Grading in Physical Education is based heavily on participation in the in class activities.  Therefore when a student is not able to participate in the activities for the day we are offering the use of this Physical Activity Log to make up the points lost due to not participating.

Reasons a student may need to make up points:

-       Absence for any of the following, but not limited to illness, vacation, band/choir lesson, field trip, student council meeting, counselor office visit

-       Injury that does not let the student fully participate in the class activities

-       Other – Basically any time you don’t participate in the class activities you will need to make up the points using this log. (consult teacher for unique situations)

As a Physical Education Department we are requiring students to complete 30 minutes of physical activity for each class period missed

The activity/activities must be logged below and must have a parent signature for each 30 minutes of activity completed. 

Some examples of acceptable physical activity would be: Bicycling, running, walking, swimming, strength training and even sports practices.

 The log must be submitted to your instructor no later than 5 days after your absence.

Date absent

Reason for absence

Make up activities

Active time

Parent signature






































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