Ramsey Positive School-Wide Engagement Plan


Team Members

List your site's team members and their role (admin, teacher, dean, ESP, etc.).

Amy Janecek, Principal
Angie Martin, Assistant Principal
Jeffrey Groves, Dean of Students
Katie Suo, teacher
Kate Holland, Climate Lead, teacher
Kristin Bauck, teacher
Mary Beth, social worker
Sarah Hedge, SERT
Heather Miller, teacher
Carolyn Tibbets, counselor

Positively Stated Expectations

Record the positive school-wide expectations that will be supported throughout the site and document how and when you will teach the school-wide expectations.

Through our school-wide advisory program, we will introduce, reinforce, and model the use of Developmental Designs methods of CARRES (Cooperations Assertion Responsibility Empathy and Self-Control) with a student-created social contract. All students participate in an advisory class every day.

Procedures and Timeline for Teaching Expectations and Skills

Document how and when your site will teach, reinforce, and reteach expectations and skills.

Through the climate council and advisory teams the implementation of the expectations will be determined and delivered. The advisory curriculum will begin with Ramsey CARES, hopes and dreams—goal setting. Two to three weeks into the school year, students will go through an affinity process to create and select the social contract in which all students' voices will be incorporated. Then, each key word and idea of Ramsey CARES and social contract will be focused on week by week throughout the school year.

Procedures for Acknowledging Students

Document how and when your site will acknowledge students for positive behavior and performance.

Postcards home, staff bulletin, badges on Moodle for advisory, recognition assemblies which will be representative of our student demographics.

Expectations for Non-Instructional Settings

Document the expectations for non-instructional settings—specify the setting as well.

Expectations will reflect the Ramsey CARES and social contract and will be explicitly taught through advisory and/or content/grade level teams for the following settings: cafeteria, playground, hallway, auditorium, and media center.

Procedures for Teaching Expectations for School-Supported Activities

Document the expectations for students participating in school-supported activities (dances, field trips, etc.). Document how and when the expectations will be reinforced.

Expectations will reflect Ramsey CARES and social contract and will be explicitly taught through advisory and/or content/grade level teams.

Procedures for Implementing Restorative Practices

Document how and when your staff will learn about and utilize restorative practices.

Consistency will be reinforced through staff PD, PDPLCs, advisory and peer observations. August workshop time will be used to model and introduce changes to Ramsey's PSWE. Foster courageous conversations as a whole staff and within PDPLCs. Training for team leads will incorporate Developmental Designs to encourage community building within the adult/collegial relationships.

Expectations for Collecting and Monitoring Data

Document what data and evidence you will collect and develop a calendar/timeline to reflect when the data and evidence will be collected, analyzed, and reported to staff, the school community/parents, and your site's associate superintendent.

Data will be collected through our joiner procedures, attendance, referrals/suspensions, learning target assessments to include work ethic/engagement of students, along with qualitative data of membership of students in leadership/extracurricular opportunities. Demographic data will be analyzed to identify trends, especially those that demonstrate disproportionate results for our student population. Data will be analyzed and reported quarterly at the Climate Council. Data will be aggregated for SIP analysis and shared at State of the Schools with parents and associate superintendents.

Expectations for Communication

Document how and when expectations will be communicated to parents and students.

Curriculum Night will feature the Ramsey CARES & Social Contract, off-site events, Family Engagement activities, Around the Horn, family liaison, podcasts.

Expectations for Instructional Settings

Document how and when expectations will be developed and communicated for instructional settings. See resources and related PD planning documents to support the development of classroom engagement plans.

Expectations will reflect the Ramsey CARES and social contract and will be explicitly taught through advisory and/or content/grade level teams for all instructional settings.

Tiered Interventions

Document how your site will identify students who would benefit from additional support from school and community resources and a tiered system of additional instruction and supports.

Our site will use our problem solving teams, Climate Council, literacy team, and math team to identify the additional academic and behavior supports for students. Data will be reviewed on a 6 week problem solving cycle.

Alignment to SIP Goals

Document the connection between your plan and the required goals for your SIP connected to climate and culture.

Goals are created and supported by clear PD to support goals for Reading, Math, and Climate. There is more than connection to the SIP. This is already affirmed and documented in the SIP. Please refer to Action Plan and Goals on the SIP.

Other Expectations and/or Planning Notes