Pratt Family Farm Foundation Maker's Space at Justice Page Middle School

- The Pratt Family Farm Foundation Maker's Space is a dedicated space in Justice Page Middle School for students to create hands-on solutions to problems not just in STEAM content, but throughout thier various classes. In the Maker's Space, students and staff share equpment, knowledge, and ideas via hands-on/minds-on projects and activities that foster creativity, resilience, problem-solving, teamwork, project management, and much more. Students have access to hand tools, power tools, 3D printers, Makey Makeys, Arduino UNO and Lilypads, sewing machines, electronic components, soldering equipment, multi-meters, lumber and wood working materials, craft supplies, LEGO, recyclced materials and more to brings thier ideas to life. 

- As part of JMPS STEAM Integration, all students in 6th and 8th grades will have multiple opportunites via Advisory to work together in the Pratt Family Farm Foundation Maker's Space. Each 6th grade Advisory will be paired up with an 8th grade Advisory for these lessons. Parents and Guardians are invited and encouraged to visit and/or assist in these lessons. Please contact Mr. K @ for details.

- The Pratt Family Farm Foundation Maker's Space is currently accepting donations for the items listed here. As of August 2018, we are less in need of old electronics, and more in need of

  • PVC pipe (all shapes and sizes)
  • LEGO
  • Rubbermaid or any storage containers with lids (all sizes)
  • Yogurt cups
  • SMOOTH SIDED, clear plastic bottles

- If you would like to make a financial donation please contact the Justice Page Middle School PTA.

- We would like to acknowledge the "founders" listed below for thier 2017/2018 financial contributions:

  • Pratt Family Farm Foundation
  • Zan Assiciates
  • Mark R Loth
  • Stephanie and Andrew Willingham
  • Maya and Oliver Gels
  • Jen and Dave Antila
  • Linda Smith-O'Mara
  • Ella Carlsson
  • Lesa Hudek
  • Tammy Thingelstad
  • Melissa Deveraj

If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. K. at