Return Overdue Books
Wednesday, March 27, 2019 8:10 AM

As of today, 260 students have overdue books, which were checked out from the Media Center, or lost books which were checked out as textbooks (usually in ELA class). Overdue notices will be distributed to students before Spring Break. If you have books at home that should go back to the Media Center, please return them to avoid getting an overdue notice!

Books that are lost or damaged are the responsibility of the student. Students must either pay for the cost of replacing the book, or purchase another book in its place. If students are unable to pay for missing books, contact Kelly Taschler at to determine an alternative solution.

Students can look online at any time to see what books they have out. To view a Media Center account:

  • Go to JPS’s Destiny website.
  • Log in using the student’s school credentials (e.g. John Smith, class of 2021, has a user name of jsmi2101).
  • Once logged in, click on My Info near the top of the page. This will show all books currently checked out, overdue materials, and fines associated with the student.