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Rhino Pride

Welcome to Rhino Pride!

Rhino Pride is a student-led group to support LGBTQ+ youth and allies, as well as make Justice Page Middle School a safe, respectful, tolerant, and informed community for LGBTQ+ youth.

You DO NOT need to identify as LGBTQ+ to be in Rhino Pride!!!

Seventh and eighth grade Rhino Pride meets every other Thursday during 6th hour in room 312 for the duration of the school year. Meetings are announced via Advisory slides. Students MUST check in with their teachers before coming to the meeting. If they are needed in class, they must stay in class.

To join Rhino Pride, contact Rhino Pride Advisors Ari and Grace, counselor Ms. Cottingham, counselor Ms. Hassell, or social worker Ms. Cassie or Ms. Britt.

2020/21 7th and 8th Grade Rhino Pride Officers:

  • President: TBD
  • Vice Presidents: TBD

What is LGBTQ+?

L = Lesbian (a female attracted to a female)

G = Gay (a male attracted to a male)

B  = Bisexual (someone that is attracted to male and female)

T = Transgender (someone that identifies with a gender different than their birth gender)

Q = Queer or Questioning (someone that is still exploring thier gender identity)

And the "+"?

A = Ally (somone that does not identify as LGBTQ, but supports the LGBTQ community) OR

A = Asexual (someone that is not sexually attracted to anyone)

P = Pansexual (somone not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity)

Gender Non-Binary = (someone that does not identify as strictly male or female; may see themselves as both or neither)

Cis = (someone that identifies as the gender of thier birth)

And all points in between!



Out4Good LGTBQ+ Resources - Organizations that specialize in providing various services to LGBTQ+ youth.

Out4Good LGBTQ+ Family Resources - Organizations that specialize in providing various support services for families of LGBTQ+ youth.

Out North - Fantastic TPT documentary that "explores the untold past of Minnesota's LGBTQ Community"

Quatrefoil Library - Historic LGBTQ+ bookstore in Minneapolis

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1 W. 49th St.
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