Schedule Changes

Justice Page Middle School allows students and families to submit a request for a schedule change. Schedule Change Request Forms will be available at the orientation on Thursday, August 23rd. Forms will also be available in the main office throughout the first week of school. The deadline to submit a Schedule Change Request Form is Friday, August 31st. All forms need to be submitted to the main office.

Schedule changes will only be made for students who are in the wrong level of a class (i.e., placed into Beginning Band but need to be moved to Varsity Band) or missing a class period. This is because teaching positions and class offerings are based upon student registration. Once students register, courses and staffing positions are determined. If we allow students to change their minds about elective coursework, class sizes can become very imbalanced. 

Thank you for your support as we do our best to help students make the best decisions about course selection and to maintain balanced class sizes in all subject areas.