Visual Arts

Welcome! My name is Steven Schmitz and I am one of the Visual Arts teachers at Justice Page Middle School.  Ms Elissa Cedarleaf-Dahl is the other Art teacher at JPS. 


Meet the Instructor - Steven Schmitz ...


Class Content: Students will further develop their creative skills through a variety of techniques and media including drawing, ceramic, painting, and digital media. Students will apply the Elements and Principles of Art, follow the Long Term Learning Targets (LTLT’s) for the Minneapolis Public Schools for Visual Arts and incorporate school-wide themes into their projects. Student artists will learn how to critique both their personal work and important works in Art History.  This year we will be partnering with ceramic artists from Northern Clay Center.

Class work: Students are expected to participate and be creative on a daily basis. Students will work individually and in groups, prepare and clean up their work area and learn how to edit and present their artwork.


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Art Class Resourses

Period 2  A-Day |  B-Day

Period 3  A-Day |  B-Day

Period 4  B-Day

Period 5  A-Day |  B-Day

Period 6  A-Day

Period 7  A-Day |  B-Day


"Deer Woman"
"Deer Woman" (Digital Photo-Collage)
Elements of Design
Elements of Design
Principles of Design
Principles of Design