Specific information about the Physical Science Course

· There is a pre-assessment administered to all 8th graders in May. 

· The pre-assessment contains questions about the high school standards embedded in the Physical Science course.

- Physical Science teachers will use the data from the pre-assessment to inform instruction. This data will be available to teachers in mid-September.   

- Scores from the pre-assessment do not impact students’ science grades in any way.

- Any student who demonstrates proficiency on the pre-assessment receives credit for Physical Science and is enrolled in another course within the science sequence.

- There are issues with enrolling a 9th grade student in a science course other than Physical Science.  

  • A student who skips Physical Science has not yet demonstrated proficiency of the standards contained in Physical Science, which are required both by MDE and per MPS graduation policy. The student would not be eligible for graduation without this course.  
  • MN Department of Education outlines the following as graduation requirements:

 “Satisfactorily complete the state course credit requirements under Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.024 AND satisfactorily complete all state academic standards or local academic standards”

  • There isn’t another MPS course that meets/exceeds the standards embedded in Physical Science.  (The standards within this course including Physical Science, Nature of Science and Engineering, and Earth and Space Science).  In order to waive a course the replacing course must contain the corresponding standards at large.

- Last year, there were only seven 8th graders across all of Minneapolis Public Schools who passed the pre-assessment in the Spring which could lead to skipping Physical Science in the 9th grade year if they chose.  

- Regardless of high school choice or class taken as a 9th grader, all students will recieve a high-quality high school Science experience from trained and experienced staff. 

This document will be updated as more information becomes available.