accepting:  open to other opinions and actions

adaptable:  able to adjust to new situations

adventurous:  willing to take risks or try new things

aggressive:  ready to attack or confront; forcefully going after something

ambitious:  showing strong determination to succeed

amiable:  friendly and pleasant

arrogant:  having an exaggerated belief of one’s own importance or abilities

awkward:  not graceful or confident

biased:  unfairly prejudiced for or against someone

bold:  confident and courageous

careless:  inattentive; not concerned or aware of

cautious:  careful to avoid problems or dangers

combative:  ready or eager to fight

compassionate:  feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others

complex:  having many different characteristics

concerned:  worried, troubled or anxious

confident:  feeling or showing certainty about something; self-assured

courageous:  brave, not put off by danger or pain

cunning:  skilled in achieving through deception

determined:  being firm or resolved about a decision

disagreeable:  argumentative; ornery

disillusioned:  disappointed in something/someone you expected to be better or different

dynamic:  having a positive attitude; full of energy and new ideas

eager:  wanting to do or have something very much

encouraging:  supportive and positive

fair:  going along with rules, doing what’s right for all involved

faithful:  loyal

fearless:  without fear

feckless:  lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible

generous:  showing kindness; ready to give more of something (money, time, etc.) than is required

gracious:  courteous, kind, pleasant

headstrong:  stubborn; obstinate

hesitant:  reluctant, tentative; slow in acting or speaking

honorable:  respectful; concerned about what is right

humble:  having a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance or skill

ill-mannered:  having bad manners; not behaving well in social situations

imaginative:  creative or inventive

impulsive:  acts on sudden impulses or desires

independent:  free from outside control; not dependent on others

inventive:  having the ability to create new things and think originally

judgmental:  being critical of others

knowing:  wise, knowledgeable about self and others and the world

light-hearted:  cheerful and carefree

lonely:  feeling alone, or sad because one has no friends or company

manipulative:  controlling, making others do as you want

materialistic:  putting strong value on money or things

melancholy:  sad and pensive (thoughtful)

merciful:  treating people with kindness and forgiveness

mischievous:  fond of causing trouble in a playful way

mysterious:  unknown but interesting; difficult to understand, explain or identify

naïve:  showing lack of experience, wisdom or judgment

passive:  accepting or allowing things to happen with response or resistance

personable:  having a pleasant manner, agreeable, amiable

questioning:  asking a lot of questions; expressing doubt about an issue

radical:  drastically different from others in thinking or actions

realistic:  sensible, practical, recognizing and accepting what really is

rebellious:  having a desire to resist authority, control, or convention (common practices)

reckless:  wild, impulsive, out of control

reflective:  deeply thoughtful about oneself and about issues

reserved:  slow to reveal emotions or opinions

reverent:  showing deep and solemn respect

rigid:  not flexible, not able to be changed or adapted

self-assured:  confident

self-conscious:  overwhelming awareness of oneself, one’s own appearance, or one’s own actions

selfish:  more interested in helping oneself than others

sensitive:  understanding of and responsive to others’ feelings

sincere:  honest; acting with genuine (real) feelings

snobbish:  exaggerated feeling of being superior to others

static:  unchanging

thoughtful:  acting with lots of thought; showing concern for the needs or feelings of others

thoughtless:  acting without thought; not showing concern for or attention to others

timid:  lacking courage or confidence; easily frightened

tolerant:  allowing for others’ opinions or actions, though not necessarily agreeing

trusting:  having a belief in a person’s honesty; not suspicious

trustworthy:  able to be trusted or relied on

unbiased:  showing no prejudice for or against something; impartial

unscrupulous:  acting without morals; not honest or fair

villainous:  evil; acting with wicked or criminal behavior

willing:  ready, eager, or prepared to do something